Intelligent Computing Systems have appeared in most scientific disciplines, including engineering, Computer and Information Technology, Economics, Business, Commerce, Environment, Healthcare and Life sciences.The scope of the National Conference on Intelligent Computing is to create an enduring techno-platform for mutually sharing the advanced and innovative technologies among all the researchers, academicians, students and industry practitioners in the field of engineering techniques and applications.

Important Dates

Receipt of full length paper
Intimation of acceptance
Last date of registration 06/02/2019

Paper Acceptance Requirements

The criteria for an article to be accepted for publication include:

  1. The article is presented in an intelligible fashion and is written in given Template. Download Journal Template
  2. The article should be original writing that enhances the existing body of knowledge in the given subject area.
  3. Results reported have not been submitted or published elsewhere.
  4. Experiments, statistics, and other analyses are performed to a high technical standard and are described in sufficient detail.
  5. Conclusions are presented in an appropriate fashion and are supported by the data.
  6. All figure/Image should be showing clearly and Clearly mention figure name and numbers in increasing order
  7. Equation/Formula should be in Math’s equation editor Software (equation editor software). Please do not give scanned equation/formula.
  8. Tables should be in MS Word. Please do not give scanned equation/formula.

All the accepted paper will be published in UGC approved Journal.


Prof Prateek Gupta
Prof Brajesh Patel